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ISBN# (10)0821779451/(13)9780821779453
June 2007
Zebra Books, Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
480 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Delilah Swift has gone from being on patrol to a promotion to detective in Stephen Hill, Delaware. The job can be demanding, but her boss Snowden steps in, sometimes offering more than a helping hand.

Snowden Calloway is Delilah’s boss. He never meant to start carrying on with her, but there is something about her that draws him to her like a magnet. As they head full force into a challenging case, he soon learns she may be the next victim.

After her promotion, Delilah’s happiness soon turns sour as she searches for a killer after strange things happen in the community. When a local boy, Rob Crane, comes up missing, it is a shock to many. More so, when his body is found and his death points to hypovolemia(dehydration). Not to mention his body being dead three days prior to being placed in the water. Delilah and Snowden are not the only ones upset by the events. Julie, who happens to help pregnant teenagers, along with Sister Agatha, gives the young girls a place to stay. When clues point to it possibly being a local person, they try to make sure the girls are safe. Not long afterward, another person is found dead. This time it is a girl, and she has been killed in the same manner as Rob. Delilah and Snowden feel certain the gruesome deaths stem from a serial killer. The more they probe into their clues, it appears the town may have secrets that some are not willing to expose. They do not understand why the killer is behaving like Judge and jury. In no time Delilah finds herself trapped in the same dark room unable to find any escape. Someone knows she carries her own secret and intends on making her pay for her error. As Snowden searches frantically for Delilah, Julie continues to try to keep the girls safe, even though she and Sister Agatha do not agree on the same things. Delilah can only hope Snowden will locate her before it is too late. They both have been so lonely and being together has brought them happiness. Hower, unless he reaches her in time, all their happiness will wash away in a watery grave.

Phenomenal is the first thing that topped my lips after I finished this book. The driven force of the characters, not just Delilah and Snowden, but all the exceptional secondary characters that impart a strong voice in this stunning novel are so in-depth, that I felt a part of the investigation. As Rob was pacing in the darkened room, with no water, and no way to get out, in complete solitude, his trepidation seeped from the pages. Even Snowden and his frantic search to find Delilah while trying to stay calm, leaped from the pages. Hunter Morgan paints an edge of the seat explosion that comes with some intense nail-biting from this reader until the last page. Brilliantly molded and shaped, this is one roller coaster ride.

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