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ISBN#: 9870615203461
May 2008
Wolfsinger Publications
156 pages
Rating: 3 Cups


Thaenad is a ranger for the Liheiren, a people persecuted by the Halurdow. When he receives a message from his cousin asking for help he goes to her aid. Gwenneth, along with a healer and another woman, rescues some children. Between them, they must get the children to safety. With the help of a magical wolf pack, they slowly make their way to the mountains and freedom.

We all have choices to make and this story shows exactly that. Who will make what choice? What will be the consequences? This story leaves you wanting to know what happens next without feeling the ending came to soon.

Dragon's Day

Roland, Melissa, and Lightfingers have each inherited one of the three special Dragonswords. All they know is they must use the swords to defeat Antillis, an evil black dragon who has escaped his prison. A child, a warrior, and a thief each bring a skill to the team, working well together to complete their task.

Destiny can be difficult to understand and accept. All three of these characters react differently to their destiny. Developing an inner strength, which is new and unknown, at least in part to themselves, will lead them, hopefully, to their goal. As in all good stories, good triumphs over evil. However, happily ever after is not always guaranteed.

In the House of Sisters

Atnari has been at the House of Sisters for a full cycle and still she cannot complete the magic she found so easy when she was at home. Something seems to be missing and the longer she is here the more she feels this is the reason her magic is not working. Again, she fails to transform the goblet, this time she will be reported to Mother Benl.

Sorceress in Red

Ms Morey is a vivid poetess. The colorful descriptors take you to the Sorceress' enchanted realm on a wave of brilliance. In a short glimpse of her fantasy world, the reader is tempted to look for a stained glass window, too.

Ms Morey is a joy to read, but I want more and more. This fantasy is a teaser and successfully done.

A Little Magic Goes a Long Way

Kevin has just finished college and is planning to go to Los Angeles to find work. He discovers a crazy old man making extravagant birdhouses in a bar. After the old man refuses to sell, Kevin decides to follow and find-out why and where the old man takes them. The old man leads Kevin into the woods. There are many birdhouses all hung on a tree and occupied by tiny little men.

Kevin wants one of the bird houses but he doesn't know why. He has never seen anything so beautifully made and goes to extremes to find out why he cannot have one


Gebber is a bird who has traveled to Earth to gather information for his Home Planet. He has been disguised as a small grey house cat named Dusty. Gebber's brother arrives to take him home but realizes that Gebber is happier on Earth and agrees to let him stay with his new family.

Wizards Gambit

Ringbolt finds Mollie begging for help to stop her parents' execution. She is caring for her baby brother and carrying him around in her backpack. Mollie explains to Ringbolt that she knows how to care for him because she loves her brother. Ringbolt realizes he can help without using the magic bound by the king. He uses the only magic he can to try to save them.

Mollie is very young and very frightened. Both she and her brother need their parents. Ringbolt is unsure what he can do to help, his powers are bound to the king. He sees the bravery and determination of the child and decides to use what is left of his powers.

Jezrei's Justice

Set in the same world as Choices, this story tells the tale of Jezrei, a Muhadun Liheiren, a teacher of the Liheiren ways. Jezrei tells the story of the creation and persecution of their world. While the city is attacked, the story helps the children stay calm.

Jezrei is an old man and wise in many things. He cannot fight any more to defend his home but he can teach. He gives courage to the children to face the enemy and reminds them of their gods' promise to save all who ask for it.

The Divine Conquest of Mexico

Quetzalcoatl was a Mexican god, until he tried to stop human sacrifice. His brother cursed him to human form and told him never to return to Mexico. For the first time in six hundred years, Quetzal has decided to go home. The angels are in talks with the Mexican gods but Quetzal knows this is not a good thing.

Quetzal has spent a long time running away from what he was. When he considers returning home an angel advises him not to go. Regardless of warning, he returns to Mexico to face his destiny and his fears.

The Great Illdefar

Stolius the Magnificent has come to challenge The Great Illdefar. A dual to the death will stop Illdefar from taking over all the lands. Stolius has been training for two months, believing he is the wizard to do it.

Battle in the Dark Castle

This poem is like a dream in color. I can see the setting and walk through the castle watching the hero go to fight. Dreadful and malevolent are exciting examples of wonderful descriptions of a fantasy scene that draws the reader deeper and deeper into the story. This poem takes you to the battle and back to bed where our hero waits another day. It is a winner.

Richard Fay has a gift for words that I hope to see on another day. Poetry is not my genre, but with this ode, I can be convinced to read his tales again.

Dark and Full of Dangers

Miroslava Svyetlanovna Syenova, as the First Observer of the Imperial Service, has been given the task of finding the lost son of the ruling Tsarina. He is traveling to see relatives and nobody has heard from his party for a number of weeks.

Miroslava is hardworking and more than competent at her job. She takes two escorts and sets off looking for her Tsarina's son, knowing it could be her life in danger if she fails at her task.

The Case of the Misshapen Rune

Asked to assist the mage, Camthaleon helps in the investigation of a murdered weaponsmith. Amita, a member of the guard, believes the murder to be magical in origin. At the crime scene, he finds a circle of runes, one of which is badly drawn. Deciding the best place to start would be the Mages Conservatory, he sets off to see the headmaster.

Camthaleon appears to have a soft spot for the guard Amita, so when she requests his help, it takes little to convince him. Being a competent mage means he is able to quickly find and capture the main suspect.

Where's My Daddy

Amber has been seriously hurt in a battle against Gargoyles. She finds a small lost boy and promises to help look for his father. Somebody told the boy the Gargoyles carried off his father. Amber travels west to rescue the boy's father from the gargoyles.

As the daughter of the two strongest warriors, Amber can heal most wounds. She feels it is her destiny to help anyone she can while she is still capable of doing so.

Wrong Turn

Theo and Jason appear to be lost until they find an odd-shaped rock. Hearing what sounds like a bull they decide to follow the sound.

This book is a collection of short stories and poems, with a fantasy theme. I have enjoyed most of these stories, but feel that some of them lacked character definition and background due to their extreme shortness.

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