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ISBN: 1-60601-040-9
April 2008
Siren Publishing
94 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cheri London is a single woman with a career and the need to have a child, sans husband. Her dreams give her a glimpse of the child, but knowing that she can never give her heart to a man, she takes a more modern approach to conceive.

Allen took his time before answering the personal internet ad. His wife has been gone for two years, but he is not sure he is ready to become involved with another woman. The woman in the ad compels him to reply, and their online relationship takes on a life of its own.

Cheri cannot believe Darius Markum failed to show. He seemed like the perfect candidate for her conception, and now she is going to have to start all over. A walk along the beach becomes quite fortuitous when a good samaritan helps her after she cuts her foot on a shell. The man is as gorgeous as he is courteous, and her body responds like it never has before. Allen insists on taking care of Cheri, and knowing who she really is makes the job that much sweeter. He just has to determine if the feelings he has for her are more than physical. He does not want Cheri to know about his real life, unless she is willing to open up about hers. Cheri’s body is on fire for Allen, but she must keep her heart guarded. The sex is fabulous, but so is the man, and now she is more confused and scared than she has ever been in her life. Allen wants more than Cheri is willing to give, but how can he make her see that they are right for each other? Will Cheri get her child, or will she get what she truly needs…a love that does not take no for an answer?

The heart of this story is wrenched by need, desire, and fear. Cheri is on a constant roller coaster of emotion, making her character desperate and on edge. Her battle to keep her heart safe leaves her raw and very much real. Allen is one tough cookie if he can take rejection after rejection, and still stick to his convictions. His love will have to be strong enough to tear down the walls Cheri has encased herself in. The sex is steaming hot, the emotions on overload, and the storyline a very compelling read.

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