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ISBN#: 9781419917998
October 2008
Cerridwen Press
186 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Devlin’s whole life turned around when her family was killed in a car accident. Left with an aunt as her only relation, her abusive uncle made her life a horror. Devlin is much stronger than he gives her credit for.

Jake is the son of a successful rancher and a paramedic. He is really a country boy, but while waiting on his dream job with the Office of Land Management, he is trying out city life as a paramedic.

On one of his last days as a paramedic in Denver before starting a new career, Jake is called to rescue a girl found unconscious and beaten in a store. Devlin, an abused but very brave teenager, is going to change his life. Devlin has a lot to overcome and process before she and Jake can find a future together. A murderous uncle and Jake’s jealous ex-girlfriend top the list.

This author does a great job of combining romance and suspense. I particularly loved Devlin; she was so strong and resilient. Jake is a classic hero, good looking, honorable, brave, and he saves Devlin. The evil uncle and his disappearance will keep you on edge throughout the story, and the jealous girlfriend manages to cause all sorts of problems as well. I was able to empathize with the characters and was quickly immersed in the story.

Warning: There is a scene involving the rape of the heroine by her uncle. The scene is not explicit and is central to the plot. The event is mentioned, but only described in that one scene.

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