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ISBN #1897261314
April 2007
Champagne Books
234 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Joyella Denue is the princess of the Temi tribe of the underground world Yalfar. Joyella has struggled all her life to make her mother, Queen Kormion, proud of her. The Queen is very critical of her only child, and Joyella’s latest mistake may have just cost her the rein as well as her life.

Fen Tared Charst is a prince by birthright, but may never be able to rise to his role as King. Suffering from the mind-altering effects of the zeel pits, Tared has committed heinous crimes against his family. However, these same zeel pits may become the only means of redemption for Tared.

Joyella has never been so frightened in her life. She knows that the mistake she made will force her mother to shun her, and could jeopardize the very existence of her people. The arrival of a dark stranger from the surface world forces Joyella to tell her mother everything. To save her people, the Queen strikes a bargain with the stranger Tared. He is to take Joyella out of Yalfar and find a new homeland. Joyella and Tared must fight their own personal demons, and work together to find a new life for her people and maybe even themselves. The ascent to the surface is only the beginning of their long journey. To find their way to each other will prove to be the hardest test of all.

I very much enjoyed the power play between these two characters. Joyella went from being a frightened and timid young woman to a real leader of her people. Tared regained his honor by learning when to relinquish control and allowing himself to accept help. Joyella and Tared complimented each other very well by knowing when to give and when to take. This book was a real pleasure to read.

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