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ISBN# (10)0-373-30538-9/(13)978-0-373-30538-4
February 2008
Harlequin Enterprises
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3BK9
297 Pages
Medieval Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Rozenn "Rose" Kerber, works as a seamstress to try to pay off debts of her late husband. When she gets word that her brother has received an offer for her hand in marriage, she is not to sure about going to England. Then Ben returns and complicates things.

Benedict Silvester, Ben, is a lute player and musician who does not have any trouble getting any woman. The one woman he wishes does not seem interested in him or so she says. While on a mission, he wants to show Rose he can be everything she desires.

Rose always cared for Ben but saw him as a rootless charmer with the ladies, and did not think he could offer a stable life, so married another. After her husband’s death, she was showered in debt. Learning her brother has found her a prospective husband, she considers the invitation. Ben has a way with the women. Then again sometimes things are not as they appear. Working incognito, Ben is on a mission for the Duke of Brittany. Seeing Rose again makes him happy, but he is sorry to learn of her perils. Just one kiss from his lips and Rose can understand why women flock to his side. She wants a secure life, and to live with a knight, but there is an attraction with Ben she cannot forget. After Ben decides to accompany her to England, she knows this trip will be most difficult but actually marrying the man she has been offered may not be what she had hoped.

An Honorable Rogue is full of well-developed characters, imagery that unfolds to the reader in full bloom, and dialogue that keeps the story flowing smoothly, making this one outstanding read. Rose and Ben just spring forth from the pages and capture the reader’s heart. Carol Townsend has sketched a warm, loving tale realistic in every sense. The ending leaves the reader thoroughly satisfied in every way. I wanted to jump in the pages and just join them in their adventure. This is a love story that lasts forever and one that leaves a lasting impression with this reader.

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