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ISBN# (10): 0-425-21785-X / (13): 978-0-425-21785-6
October 2, 2007
Berkley Sensation (Penguin Group)
375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014
Paperback (Mass Market)
$14.00 U.S./$17.50 Canada
352 Pages
Paranormal Romance (Collections)
Rating: 4 Cups

Melting Frosty

November 1992, Flint, Michigan – Twelve-year-old, Matthew lost his dad the day before Thanksgiving and then they buried him the day after Thanksgiving. His mother sells all his dad’s clothes, even the hat he had promised him. He could careless about any holidays anymore, he only wants his dad.

November 1992, Oswego, New York – Holly wakes in a hospital with her Aunt Sheila near her bedside. Her mom, dad and Noelle have been killed in a car accident. Holly makes sure she never forgets the holidays her mother enjoyed.

Present Day – Matthew goes to New York for a business trip but his sister reminds to be home in time for her family Christmas dinner. Matthew is tired of the bubbly dinners but he agrees. It has been twelve years since Holly visited the old house since her family’s death. It is time to pay a visit before it is sold. By accident, Matthew and Holly meet at the house. After arriving, she feels her mother’s spirit urging her put up all the Christmas decorations. Matthew cannot believe she is decorating a house for sale. He wishes to purchase it for business reasons. With each passing year, his heart has not softened about holidays and the thoughts of the hat enter his mind. The weather keeps Matthew and Holly together, while the hat is slowly breezing through time making its way into someone’s life it comes across. There is an instant attraction that neither Holly nor Matthew knew would create such sparks, and with the help of a hat, it appears Matthew’s dad might show him the true meaning of the holidays within the heart.

This is a heart-warming tale that really melts any icy heart. I was deeply touched by Matthew and Holly, with the events they had to endure then meeting each other. The part with the hat was a wonderful addition to the story. Maggie Shayne creates a moving tale I will not soon forget.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte Murphy would love to have more than a relationship with Will. There is a certain spark about him that drives her crazy.

Will Thornton desires Charlotte but he has the habit of getting weak and afraid to be upfront about his love.

Charlotte is a witch and with the help of her sisters, Bree and Abby, she decides to create a lust spell. Will, a cop, had taken a bullet five years ago during a robbery. He never understood how he could be tough as a cop but when it came to approaching Charlotte, he turned wimpy. She never expected he really cared for her, and vice versa. Five years ago when he tried to kiss her, he got no reaction. Charlotte said she never reacted to any kiss he gave her. She is determined to get Will anyway she can, even if it does mean she will have to conjure up a lust spell and create her own little imagination with his body.

Charlotte’s Web is an enchanting read that makes a person feel all bubbly inside. Erin McCarthy allows the reader to be caught up in the moment of a magical romance just waiting to happen. This read is delightfully charming.

Beast Of Temptation

Tamsyn holds a special love in her heart for Nate but she grows frustrated when he takes forever to pursue her.

Nate knows that Tamsyn is every inch a woman but he wants her to explore her freedom before settling down.

It is Christmas time and while some of the PSY council would wish that Christmas be outlawed, there are others that intend to continue the happy holiday celebration. Tamsyn plans to have a special Christmas. Nate finds Tamsyn a woman of home and health, the way most healers are. Tamsyn thinks of Nate always. He left the pack for three years as a juvenile, only to return a man, strong and loyal. She does not plan to wait forever for him. This Christmas season she knows what she wants and Nate will be a part of the package.

When a woman desires something, she normally goes after it and gets it, and Tamsyn is no exception. Nalini Singh weaves a cozy read that warms like a crackling fire. Powerfully magnetic, the passionate duo will take the reader into another time and place where love still exists.

The Gifts of the Magi

Rachel and her fiancé, Steve Bethel, could really use a miracle this holiday season. With an upcoming wedding, it appears their finances and mortgage is only growing in number.

Mike, Bella and Cassie go where they are needed, stay where they feel welcome and do what they must to help others. The B&B looks like the perfect opportunity to lend a hand.

The family B&B must keep rooms filled with guests to make their mortgage payments. They are expecting the arrival of eight guests but with the onset of a storm, it threatens cancellations, something they do not need during the holiday season. Steve assures that they are not going to be kicked out. They will make the payment somehow. Unexpectedly, three strangers arrive out of nowhere seeking a place to stay and it appears that there might be a silver lining for Rachel and Steve. Of course theses three strangers are like no other people they have ever met. When Rachel discovers the Buddhist, the Muslim and a Reformed Jew, she learns a miracle can happen no matter what the faith.

If no one believes faith abounds then they should read The Gift of Magi. The players are delightful and the story has just the right elements for the Christmas spirit. Jean Johnson spins a wonderful tale that sprinkles with comfort and joy and leaves a great impression.

An Enchanted Season certainly lives up to its name. The stories are warm, loving and tightly written. The characters each play a role that made a connection with this reader. Each of the authors tells a story that sends magic in the air and brings joy. They have created a wonderful blend of faith, hope, love and charity that never stops giving in this fantastic collection.

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