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ISBN# 9781597051453
July 2007
Wings ePress Inc.
403 Wallace Court, Richmond, KY 40475
324 Pages
Women’s Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Kate Reynolds is 52 years old and jobless. She has spent the last 32 years of her life working in the Pennsylvania State Offices and now she is being downsized. Her whole life is centered around work and a couple of close friends. She suddenly feels like the world has collapsed beneath her.

Sam Turner has been a widower for a very long time. After meeting Kate, he begins to have feelings that have been missing since his wife and daughter were killed.

Kate is a planner and being forced into early retirement is not in her plans. She is at a loss as to what to do with herself and depression is quickly setting in. The one thing that keeps pulling at her is her lifelong dream of becoming a writer and living in East Holbridge, New England. She takes the plunge and moves out of Pittsburg. The journey into her new life is equally painful and exhilarating. She loses a very close friend but makes many more. Sam becomes one of those new friends. Her greatest hurdle yet will be allowing herself the right to love again and to admit that she needs help. Sam is willing to give Kate the love and help she needs if she was willing to accept it.

This book is a real treasure. The fact that it is fiction and not someone’s personal diary is hard to believe, it felt that real. Kate finally realizes her true strength and calling after years of just going through the motions of life. Her character may be a middle-aged woman but her journey to true happiness is ageless. We should all be so willing to live life like we mean it, not just go along putting one foot in front of the other. Sam may have had a small role in the story itself, but I believe he played a huge part in making Kate truly happy and gave her a real sense of fulfillment in her life. Like Kate most of us wait for life to throw us a curve ball before we decide to really get into the game, but as long as we are breathing it is never too late.

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