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Ancient Enemies Series

Book 2 - Relics
Book 3 - Kicking Bots

ISBN# Unavailable
September 2006
Triskelion Publishing
15327 West. Becker Lane, Surprise, AZ 85379
Price: Unavailable
330 Pages
Futuristic Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

What would you do if faced with the stuff of nightmares coming to life in your sister’s bedroom? Zack did the only thing he could; vow to get the aliens, the Anaz-Voohri, and rescue his sister Ashley. After many years spent psychically communicating with his sister, he knew his alien enemy intimately. Having given up his childhood to embark on a quest to strengthen his mind and body, he was ready to take on any and every foe alone, until the FBI recruited him for his vast knowledge and gave him a platoon of soldiers. Could he finally meet his nemesis head on?

Tia Vargas was the best of the best at West Point, and when her schooling was over, had been assigned to oversee the conditioning of a special unit of soldiers. Unaware of the mission they faced, she strove to make sure these men could handle any situation with no questions asked. She excelled at all weaponry, all weather survival, and could handle herself in battle. The only thing that challenged her was her occasional nightmare, filled with strange, disconnected images of an arid unknown landscape which left her shaken and filled with dread. One soldier defied her at every turn, but proved to be her greatest ally. When he told her of their impending mission, all her nightmares came back with startling clarity. Could her mother’s ramblings of alien abductions be true?

Tia and Zack embark on a mission after Captain Kavak of the Anaz-Voohri asks him to meet her concerning his sister. What he encounters is the shell of his sister and a warning to the world. After a decade of silence they are in love in secret, and investigating possible Anaz-Voohri activity, when Zack gets mortally wounded saving Tia from a booby trapped cache of weapons. Feeling responsible for his injuries, Tia responds to an emergency summons and disappears. Zack, alone after being in a coma for months, wonders what became of Tia. Will these two ever reconcile? Is their love strong enough to endure time and circumstance?

Ms. Vijaya Schwartz has written an epic novel of enduring love despite Herculean obstacles and extraterrestrial intrigues. I was caught up from the first sentence. I fell for Zack and his plight early on and admired his fight and determination to go after those who took his sister. The heartbreak and feelings of helplessness were communicated in his zeal for strength and mastery of his circumstances. Tia, in her unusual way, manifested the best in a partner displaying an unflinching loyalty and undying love for Zack dispite their frequent separations. Any reader who loves Sci-Fi action and adventure, along with romance, will love this journey. Ms Schwartz’s prose will draw you into the book and make you feel for her characters. I adored this book.

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