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ISBN# (10)0060881976/(13)978-0060881979
April 2007
William Morrow (HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
368 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Nate Rodriguez is not only an excellent cop but also a great sketch artist. When a witness gives him details to a killing, he has the ability to sketch an unbelievably accurate likeness of the culprit. This gives him a reputation of being like a psychic.

Homicide detective Terri Russo turns to Nate for help with her investigation. But she is suspicious because the drawings a serial killer leaves behind bear a strong resemblance Nate’s.

Nate has the uncanny ability to enter the mind of the victim or witness while composing the sketches. Nate was a young boy when his father, a NARC with the NYPD, was killed and the vision of his dead father still troubles him. Even though Nate knows his police work is important, the other part of his work, as a sketch artist, often allows him to better see into the mind of the murderer. Nate immerses himself in the drawings the killer leaves behind at the crime scenes, studying each sketch helps him understand something more about the killer. He and Terri dig deep into the investigation, racing to find the assailant before another body is found. Terri follows clues that have her digging through Missing Persons reports and endless microfiche provided by the Hate Crimes division, and she is not getting any closer to the truth. Meanwhile, Nate turns to his grandmother for advice, after a particular clue catches his eye in one of the killer’s sketches. When doubts begin to rise among the investigation team over Nate’s and the killer’s drawings bearing a strong resemblance, Nate must match his wits against the killer's and try to stay one step ahead before another murder takes place.

Once again, Jonathan Santlofer allows the reader to share in a murder investigation through his sketches. The realistic drawings grip the reader, and they almost tell the story themselves. With riveting suspense, and characters that live on the edge, this powerful read fascinates. Mr. Santlofer delivers action-packed suspense. A roller-coaster ride of events grabs the reader and does not let go. From FBI interference to Terri having flashes of doubt, the story has many convincing moments. Until one reads a novel by Mr. Santlofer, it is hard to imagine the impression the sketches leave with the reader. They make this search for a serial killer an extraordinary read.

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