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ISBN# 1905619170
May 2008
Orion Publishing Group
5 Upper Saint Martin's Lane, London WC2H 9EA, United Kingdom
352 Pages
Literary Erotica
Rating: 3 cups

Lydia Yoshikawa is an American ex-patriate who has lived in Japan for several years. She even married a Japanese man and hoped to make her life there. Now single again, and back in the United States, she teaches American businessmen and women about Japanese culture and more.

Brad and Mike are two of Lydia’s students, both of whom will be sent to Japan in the near future by their companies. They are the ones she decides to tell the truth about her adventures in Japan.

When Lydia returns to the United States from several years in Japan, many of which were spent having sex with numerous partners both male and female, she decides that maybe it is time to be celibate. In fact, she seriously considers never having sex again because she realizes that maybe she went a bit overboard while living in Japan. However, her two students, both handsome young men, seriously tempt her to change her mind and maybe engage in a little over the top sex, maybe even with both of them at the same time. Will she break her vow of celibacy, or will she embrace her sexuality again?

Amorous Woman is an interesting read that is less about love, although there is some of that, and more about Lydia the main character learning about herself and what she really wants out of life. The descriptions of Japan and Japanese culture are very well written and make the reader feel as though they are really there with Lydia. And while I enjoyed the beginning of this book where Lydia is so in love with Japan and even Japanese men, I enjoyed a little less the sort of downward slide she goes on. While she learns something about herself in the end, it was difficult for me to read about what I felt was self-destructive behavior on her part. All in all, a good read for those who enjoy reading about different cultures, and many parts of her erotic adventures are titillating, making this a satisfactory read.

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