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ISBN# 978-0-385-34023-6
October 30, 2007
Delacorte Press (Division of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
352 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Sarah Sloane, a socialite wife, is hosting a black tie banquet fund-raiser for the Smallest Angels Ball at the downtown Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco. She is married to Seth, a wealthy financier.

Everett Carson is a former war correspondent attending the gala to cover the event for a Hollywood magazine.

Melanie Free is a superstar singer who is set to perform at the event. Her mother, Janet, also her agent, intends on making sure Melanie puts her career first.

Sister Mary Magdalen Kent, otherwise known as Maggie, attends the event. She caters to the homeless.

Sarah started the benefit as a result of her own experience with the neonatal unit when her daughter was born three months premature. It is most important to her. After meeting Seth at Stanford Business School, they married. He does well as an investor but of late he has been stressed. Everett is from Montana, with his new job to cover the benefit for Scoop, a Hollywood gossip magazine. Prior to that he spent years covering war zones for the Associated Press. He took time off then needed a job so took this one. Melanie sings at the banquet. Pandemonium breaks out when an earthquake shakes up the city. Sister Maggie is busy helping out with the field hospital, and Melanie enlists her help. Her mother is furious, believing her daughter, a star, should not be dirtying her hands emptying bed pans. Everett offers his help, as well as taking photos of the structure of the aftermath. Sarah is surprised and shocked when days later the FBI pays them a visit. Seems Seth has been skimming from the investors. Maggie and Everett strike up a blossoming friendship that questions her life as a nun. Melanie meets Tom Jenkins, a Berkeley student, while helping the injured. Her mother demands she stay clear of Tom. The earthquake brings on many hardships as some lose lives, others fear heartbreak and separations, and Seth fears prison. As families struggle with the aftermath, unlikely friendships form, leaving Sarah wondering about her future with Seth.

Danielle Steele always brings a smile to my face and tears in my eyes with emotions and characters that I can share in their life. I have always loved her work and it never fails, with every story she creates a masterpiece, and Amazing Grace is no exception. It shows the strength and depth that people undergo during a catastrophe. The believable characters are genuine in every situation they are dealt. Melanie’s demanding and clingy mother is one that many can relate to. The action of the trial, the scene with Seth and Sarah with the wedding band, the emotions and anxiety that Seth felt was overwhelming, I could feel the agony. The storyline flows smoothly and reaches deep into the soul of the reader, making everything spring forth alive. Within this page-turner lies a rare tale that will make the audience stand up and cheer.

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