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ISBN 0973762799
December 2005
Champagne Books
299 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Catherine is a young woman with dreams of marrying for love. Her father crushes those dreams when he announces that he has arranged for her to marry his old friend, a duke. Cat does not want to marry a man old enough to be her father, especially the father of the man she loves.

Nick, Marquis of Castledale is the duke’s eldest son. He fell in love with Cat while they were children, and hoped to marry her some day. His father’s plans ended that and now he is angry, though still strongly attracted to her. He feels betrayed that a young girl is to marry a dying old man.

As the day of her betrothal approaches, Cat and Nick fight their attraction to each other. Their loyalty to the dying duke is the only thing that keeps them apart. Cat has another shadow in her past. Her mother was murdered and her father suspected her of the crime. Madness runs in her mother’s family and there have been several disturbing incidents recently. Cat knows that she is not insane, but who is trying to convince everyone that she is mad? Will she and Nick survive to find out?

This is a wonderful historical romance with quite a bit of melodrama. Nick is the epitome of a Victorian nobleman, arrogant and sure of himself. Cat is a typical country miss, but with a bit of spunk. This is a fast moving dramatic novel that really held my interest from the beginning until the end.

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