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ISBN# 978-1-59632-339-1
September 2006
Loose Id, LLC
90 Pages
Non-tradional paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Lin is young and a werewolf, or so she thinks. Absolutely sure of herself and what she wants, she is stunned, yet happy, to run into the man who used to babysit her. He is even better looking than she remembers and she knows right away that she wants him for forever.

Lowell, once an omega in Lin’s pack, is now the alpha of his own pack of misfit weres. After a chance sexual encounter, he decides to go back into a bar for his hat and notices a young woman who looks familiar. He is surprised to discover a grown up Lin. He knows almost immediately that he wants her for his mate, but is also aware of the multitude of problems this could present. However, Lin convinces him to give them a chance.

When Lowell is deceived by one of his pack and Lin is kidnapped, he must band together with her parents in order to find her. When they finally catch up to the perpetrators, it is a no holds barred fight with Lin’s life hanging in the balance. It is only through sheer luck and her father’s willingness to trust one who used to be an omega in his pack, that they are able to turn the tide in their favor.

This is an exciting book! Ms. Harte writes some very sensual and hot sex scenes; clearly she is not afraid to push the envelope with regards to this. Her world building is descriptive and detailed, giving the reader a good look inside the were culture and some of the problems they face trying to blend into the human world. The author successfully weaves secondary characters throughout the book in such a way that it appears seamless. A very enjoyable hot read that I highly recommend if you enjoy shape shifter romances!

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