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ISBN# 978-1-897445-04-4
June 2008
Champagne Books
218 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Maggie Callahan is a successful advertising executive working in a corner office, just as she dreamed of as a girl. Maggie is happy in her life; she does not expect to ever marry after the death ten years ago of Gideon O’Rourke, her first lover. Everything changes when Maggie’s boss gives her a new client; Mr. G.D. O’Rourke wants an advertising campaign for his computer company. He sets off all of Maggie’s internal alarms. Who is this Irish god and why does he remind her of the man she lost so long ago?

Gideon O’Rourke has spent five long years looking for his lost love knowing only that her name is Maggie Callahan and she lives in America. Ten years ago Maggie left him to go to college, soon after Gideon lost his memory in an accident, spending a long time in hospital for surgery on his broken facial bones. For five years, he had no recollection of his previous life. Finally he has found her but is afraid to approach her, what if she is married or living with someone? Using his business needs for advertising, he has a plan to see if she can tell who he is.

When Maggie starts to wonder about the mysterious Mr. O’Rourke, she decides to take a weekend break in Ireland, visit Gideon’s family to find out exactly what happened to him. When she visits Gideon’s mother, she finds she was right; Mr O’Rourke is her Gideon, and he is very much alive. All Maggie wants is to go home. The man she met on her first night in Ireland has other ideas; he attacks her, then he imprisons her in the dungeon of a ruined castle. Gideon and his family search for weeks before she is found.

This story set mainly in the beautiful Irish countryside.  Ms Rutan uses memories of both Maggie’s and Gideon’s to describe their earlier relationship in places this can be slightly confusing and unclear what is now and what is memory. I also found that the story dragged in parts making it slow to read. The story concludes on a happy point, which would have been a good place to end the book. Regardless of the difficulties in this book I enjoyed the story and would happily read more of Ms Rutan’s books

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