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ISBN# 9780553386103
March 2009
Bantam Dell Publishing Group, Inc., a division of Random House
$13.00 US/ $15.00 CAN
276 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Aisha Bhatia is the guest relations manager at the Grand Orchid Hotel, a five-star establishment in New Delhi, India. She and her best friends, Misha and Anushka, are single women in a land where mothers believe their daughters should be married. Aisha has male friends, but that one guy has not come along, or has he?

Karan Verma is a guest in Aisha’s hotel. He is an NRI--non-resident Indian--the man of Aisha’s and her friends’ dreams. Karan is an investment banker in New York. He, too, has a mother who wants her son married. Meeting Aisha may put his life in perspective.

Aisha first gets a peek at Karan by accident. A slight mishap lands her in view of his private balcony where he is standing nude. Then, a prank on Anushka’s ex-husband catches Aisha off guard. It is one mishap after another. Then Karan decides to enlist Aisha’s help in getting settled in New Delhi. Is he just using her, or is there another purpose for all of these unusual requests for help?

Ms. Kala provides an excellent insight into the Indian culture. One thing I did learn is that mothers of single daughters are the same everywhere. Aisha and her friends are refreshing and fun to read about. I laughed out loud at some of their antics. I only had a slight problem understanding some of the conversations taking place. They were in Hindu without any English translation, but, as a reader, I could take a guess.

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