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ISBN# 978-0-8212-5779-1
October 2006
Bulfinch Press-Hachette Book Group USA
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
186 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Linda Wells tells the tale of her evolution from the pre-teen who wanted a vanity table as seen on television, through the awkward teen-age years with its acne flair ups, to the editor of Allure magazine, the premiere voice of beauty. Linda started Allure in 1991; her mission, to take the mystery out of beauty and make the tools accessible to all women irregardless of age, body type, or race.

Ms. Wells, along with her editors, present practical tips, trade secrets, and simple directions to achieving the best face possible. It covers basic skin care; the myths, the truths, and easy solutions to every day problems in a simple, concise, and sometimes funny manner.

It covers make-up tips from foundation to lip gloss, concealers to eye shadows, and how to apply and maintain all of them in brief, uncomplicated ways. It also gives tips and guides to taking care of the tools of the trade, the proper maintenance of make-up brushes, both natural and synthetic, the proper storing of foundation, eye shadows, lipsticks, and lip glosses, as well as everything else pertaining to the art of camouflage. This is the complete bible of beauty, and within its pages you can find the answers to most if not all everyday questions.

Ms. Wells has written a humorous guide to beauty. I found the tips educational, the language simple to understand, and the directions easy. I was pleasantly surprised to find practical tips for the proper care of African-American skin with its specific and unique problems, along with the proper application of make-up. I really enjoyed the full color photos and the simple high-lighted rules to follow located in each chapter. I would definitely advocate this book for any young woman who needs a practical guide to beauty products.

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