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ISBN#: E-book-9780446551991/Paperback-9780446502054
April 1, 2009
Forever, a division of Hachette Book Group
384 Pages
Romance, Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Attorney Jillian Samuels is cynical when it comes to true love and magic. After having parents that couldn’t care less about her, a true Cinderella story, and an affair with a coworker that went sour, she is ready for a change. With that in mind, she finds herself wishing upon the “magical” wedding veil for a new life, not expecting anything to happen.

Tuck Manning was known as Magic Man when it came to his architectural designs for schools. When he met his wife Aimee, things could not be more perfect and he felt as if he were the luckiest man in the world. Until the day something terrible and tragic happened to take all of Tuck’s lucky feelings and squash them like a bug.

When Jillian finds herself inheriting a cottage in a place called Salvation, Colorado, she jumps at the chance to start fresh. With a stray dog she calls Mutt, she packs a U-Haul, quits her job, and drives down to the quaint and peaceful town. She does not expect to find some Man with a capital M taking up residence and proceeds to explain how this ownership works. It seems though that fate has played a nasty game because Tuck tells her he has ownership and can prove it and Jillian realizes this is the man she has been having dirty, steamy sex dreams about while wearing this “magical” wedding veil.

All Of Me is part of the Wedding Veil Wishes series and a perfect way to end the series. I love this series and have followed all the girls throughout them, and I was waiting impatiently for Jillian’s to come about. Jillian’s feelings toward love are so sad and cynical and you can just feel your heart breaking for her each and every time she feels put down or compared to a man’s dead wife. And with Tuck, the way he mourns his wife and struggles daily with his emotions and his attraction toward Jillian is unbelievably realistic and heartfelt. While Ms. Wilde has written this story as part of a series, it can be read as a standalone, and I highly recommend that you do read this story of how sometimes true love can be found when a person least expects it.

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