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ISBN# 978-0-425-21483-1
April 2007
Berkley Sensation/The Berkley Publishing Group/Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
297 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 cups

Aubrey Sullivan is a librarian at the Library of Congress in Washington DC. Admittedly a bookworm, Aubrey just does not find the men in her life all that exciting. However, that all changes when Jack Mitchell kidnaps her at gunpoint. While Jack gives her more excitement than she could have ever asked for, the tension, which starts out as irritation, begins to morph into sexual tension pretty quickly. Aubrey likes the fact that Jack can keep up with her quips, but do they have anything else in common?

Jack Sullivan is an FBI agent who is out in the cold because someone within the agency has fingered him as being a mole, but not before he hears Aubrey’s name come up in connection with a big time drug lord named Corona. Not only that, but he hears that a contract has been put out on Aubrey’s life. He figures that one goes in hand with the other, and in order to clear his name and save Aubrey’s life, he kidnaps her. There is only one problem…he does not count on Aubrey’s smart mouth, or quick mind, both of which are giving him fits. In addition, she is not his type at all; bony, and not particularly pretty. However, that does not seem to matter as he finds himself becoming more and more attracted to the little spitfire.

When Corona’s men come calling, it is all Jack can do to keep himself and Aubrey one step ahead of them. While Aubrey is not entirely sure she believes Jack, she gives him the benefit of the doubt. Sort of, that is. At first, she gives him the slip a couple of times. After that, when it becomes apparent that Corona probably has cops as well as bad guys in his back pocket, she decides to give Jack a shot at protecting her. Will Aubrey finally come to trust Jack completely? Will she be able to remember what she may know about Corona? Will they ever stop bickering long enough to start something real?

Penny McCall has penned one funny read with All Jacked Up! Aubrey is hilarious as the wisecracking, smart-ass librarian who just wants to get her life back. Jack has the same problem, only he has to deal with Aubrey and those who want her dead before he can come in out of the cold, that is if Aubrey does not drive him crazy first. These two bicker more like siblings in the beginning of the book, but it is not long before irritation turns into sexual tension. Between inept killers for hire, cops who are most likely on Corona’s payroll, and a couple of wacky guys who pick up Aubrey and Jack when they are hitchhiking, this book is full of laughs! Ms. McCall’s debut novel rocks! I will be first in line for her next book!

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