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The Partnership in Blood Series
Book 1: Alliance in Blood
Book 2: Conflict in Blood
Book 3: Covenant in Blood
Book 4: Reparation in Blood
Book 5: Perilous Partnership
Book 6: Reluctant Partnerships

ISBN# 978-0-9815084-9-8
May 2008
Dream Spinner Press
232 Pages
Gay Erotica
Rating: 5 cups

Alain Magnier is a wizard. He has lost his ex-wife and child, as well as friends to a war that has been started by evil wizards, and is now on the front lines of this war fighting to save his world. If the evil wizards win, then the world as he knows it will cease to be, and he is willing to do almost anything to keep them from winning, even asking for help where none of his kind had ever thought to ask before.

Orlando St. Clair is a vampire. He was abused and tortured for over a hundred years by his maker. He misses being human, and does not particularly care for the life of a vampire, but is resigned to it. He has found some small measure of happiness working with the man who helped him to discover his own worth and destroy the one who nearly destroyed him.

When Alain’s mentor asks for a volunteer to approach the vampires to help with their war against the evil wizards, Alain volunteers, little knowing that the vampire he meets will destroy any preconceived notions he might have had about the race. Alain meets Orlando for the first time in a cemetery, and it is only through his willingness to allow Orlando to taste his blood, and by doing so his very nature, that the beginning of the alliance between the good wizards and vampires is formed. In between strategic planning of an all out war to defeat the evil wizards, Alain and Orlando form a lasting bond. But can Orlando overcome his past enough to allow that bond to take full root into something permanent, or will he allow that past to separate him from the one man who truly loves him and could heal him?

Alliance in Blood kept me turning pages long into the night. I read it in one sitting! The emotions between Alain and Orlando are so vividly written that this reader felt as though she were feeling them right along with the characters. The world building in this book is extraordinary, and very well crafted, not to mention extremely imaginative. This is a vampire, not to mention a gay romance unlike all others, and it is truly unique. All of the characters, both the main ones as well as the secondary ones, are well developed, giving the reader a deep look into all the personalities involved such that this reader felt as though she knew them by the end of the book. I am very much looking forward to the second and third book in this series as I am waiting with baited breath to find out both what happens with their war, and the other partnerships as well as Alain and Orlando. I highly recommend this book to one and all!

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