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ISBN# (13) 978-0-505-52696-0/ (10) 0-505-52696-4
November 28, 2006
Dorchester Publishing Inc.
200 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016
320 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Kaz Jorgensen is called back to the town she grew up in; Astoria, Oregon, by her best friend Lucy McGuire. Lucy is concerned about Kaz’s twin brother Gary. Kaz uses the time to help Gary with the family fishing business, and to get a break from the corporate life. One night, hanging with her friend Lucy at a local bar, she spots newcomer Michael Chapman; the attraction is nearly immediate.

Michael Chapman is the new fire chief in Astoria. He moved all the way from Boston in order to escape the memories of his fiancé who died in a fire set by an arsonist that Michael was investigating. There are those back in Boston who believe that Michael let the same arsonist die in another fire.  Another reason for leaving Boston, and taking himself across the country.  He notices Kaz right away that night in the bar, and even steps in when she tries to break up a fight between her twin and another guy at the bar. He very much likes what he sees.

When one of Gary’s best friends, Ken, ends up murdered, and all the clues point to Gary being the murderer, Kaz feels like she has landed in the middle of a nightmare. No one will tell her what is going on; the more she digs, the more questions she has. She does not know who to trust. Though something tells her she can trust Michael, she is afraid to take the risk in case it hurts Gary’s chances of being exonerated. When a warrant is taken out for Gary’s arrest, she knows she has a limited time frame within which to find out the answers. It is only through some amateur sleuthing and Michael’s assistance that she is able to begin putting the pieces together. As she and Michael become closer, they find themselves competing with time to find the answers before anyone else dies.

Ms. Alderman tells a thrilling tale of romantic suspense with A Killing Tide. Each time I thought I had it all figured out, she would take a turn in a completely different direction, leaving me hanging and reading as fast as I could. Ms. Alderman’s descriptions of Astoria and the life of a fisherman are so detailed and realistic that anyone reading this book will feel that they are right there with Kaz. Details of police procedure were well researched. The emotional fall-out that is experienced by men who have been involved in wars was authentic, and well defined. The emotional tension between Kaz and Michael, and then the obvious love they find for each other, is a welcome respite from the tension of the murder and mayhem, and is placed in just the right places in the book to make it flow wonderfully. I, for one, cannot wait for Ms. Alderman’s next book.

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