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ISBN# 1-60154-158-9
October 2007
Wild Rose Press
156 Pages
Young Adult
Rating: 5 Cups

Traci Nettleton lost her best friend Corky Evans two year ago. Now at fifteen Traci still remembers growing up with Corky and all the fun they had. Traci moved on and has a best friend Christine, but when Traci starts getting messages on her computer from Corky, Traci is scared someone is playing a huge prank on her.

Traci and Christine check into who is writing the messages, only one person knew the things that were being written, and that was Corky. Corky is still in his room, and he needs Traci to help him. Corky’s father left them years ago, and now he is back; and Corky believes he is trying to con his mother. Traci wants to help, but her time is divided between Corky and Brad Davidson, Traci’s new boyfriend.

As Traci tries to find out more about Corky’s dad, Traci and Brad are dating or trying to with Corky’s antics playing around with her and Brad, Traci will never gets a chance to be alone with Brad. When push comes to shove, Traci decides to tell Brad about Corky. Will Traci lose Brad? And will Traci help Corky find peace?

Awesome! This is a spooktacular story! I laughed some and shed some tears, but with each page I was caught up in Traci’s predicament. This story catches your heartstrings even while you smile. Ms. Kelly created fascinating and fun characters along with a snappy dialog. Set at a fast pace you will be caught on the first page and will not want to stop until the last. I absolutely loved this book, which is great for this time of year, but really anytime of the year.

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