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ISBN# 1-4199-0838-3
November 2006
Ellora’s Cave
111 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Vanessa Wallace is a young grad student with a penchant for pretend. She has a whole collection of sexy clothing and toys that she likes to take out and play with when she has the chance to relax.

Rob Taylor is Vanessa’s boss, and a friend of her mother’s as well. Old enough to be her father, Rob is stunned when he discovers, by accident, Vanessa’s little game.

When Rob comes by her house and walks in on Vanessa all decked out in her “bondage” outfit and make-up, to say he is surprised is an understatement. Vanessa is so embarrassed at being caught that all she wants is the floor to open up and swallow her. However, Rob does not forget about it. Instead, he introduces her to her fantasy. While Vanessa likes the sex and bondage, she has conflicting feelings about whether or not she should like it. In the process of finding herself, she meets a man she thinks will help her to become a model. When she discovers he wants something else entirely, will Rob come to her rescue, or leave her to her fate?

A Game of Dress-Up is a well-written story about a young woman trying to find herself sexually. Mr. Mabeuse does an excellent job of showing the conflicting feelings that Vanessa is dealing with, and her inner fight with the dual images she has of herself. Rob is successfully drawn as the older, wiser partner who wants to introduce his sexually immature lover to new experiences. My only complaint is that I would have liked to read more of their developing feelings for each other, rather than just the descriptions of explicit sex. In spite of this, I look forward to reading more by this author.

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