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March 2007
Freya’s Bower
15 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Sean Castleberry is trying to reach his wife on the phone, but she is not answering.

Maudi Castleberry craves certain spices in her sex life but is not getting them.

Getting out of work early, Sean decides he is going to surprise his wife by coming home early. He is in for a shock when he hears her moaning. Being caught masturbating has Maudi questioning whether her husband approves or not. Will her sensual self-touch turn him on or send him fleeing out the door?

Afternoon Delight is a great read that brings the taboo subject of masturbation into the mix. Ms. Gage shows us that even married couples can experience the feelings of being doubtful of a relationship, especially when it comes to sex. With hot masturbation scenes, searing sex scenes, and a couple discovering new elements to their marriage, this story has a great moral and realism, breathing life into it. My favorite ingredient of this tale is that even after their years of marriage, Sean and Maudi begin to discover some very new and intriguing characteristics about each other.

Caution: This tale contains an anal play scene, a scene using imaginary BDSM, forceful talk and is a red-hot romance!

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