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ISBN# 978-55487-008-0
February 1, 2008
eXtasy Books
232 Pages
Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Lily Grubowski can open portals to other dimensions. She lost her father when he stepped through a portal never to return, and she misses him. When she first sees Darius she is very attracted to him, but she does not trust him.

Darius Allegheri has been searching for his chosen mate for hundreds of years. When he meets Lily he knows she is his mate.

When Lily sneaks into her best friend’s house to eavesdrop on a conversation between her and a group of men and her friend’s brothers, she learns her friend’s secrets. When it becomes apparent the men can sense her presence she races away, not wanting to get caught. However, it is not long before they catch up to her, and when they do Lily spots danger and warns the group. Seeing Darius and the other men with him shape shift is quite a shock. When one of her friend’s brothers is kidnapped, Darius must forego wooing Lily and go to help find him. In doing so Darius and Lily uncover a plot that could explain where her father has been all these years, and why children have been disappearing.

Afraid to Dream is a wonderful fantasy romance! The world building is extraordinary. The author did a fabulous job in creating the character Lily and explaining how sometimes parents think there is something wrong with their child mentally, when in fact they are psychic, as in Lily’s case. I liked how despite what had happened to her though, Lily is a fighter and was willing to do whatever it took to improve her life and the lives of others. I also enjoyed reading about how the relationship between Lily and Darius evolved and how she is brought into their world. Ms. Xander has written a stellar romance with Afraid to Dream, and I gladly give it my highest recommendation.

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