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ISBN: 978-1-60054-203-9
April 2008
183 Pages
Erotic Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Considered too old for her profession, Cassandra Mckinnon watches her job and her relationship with her fiancé go down the tube. A porn star is not a respectable job for a doctor's wife. She turns to her fantasy lover in hopes of relief, not realizing Anteros is not just a dream.

Anteros, with his piercing green eyes and sensual looks, is the Greek god of love and passion. He enjoys hopping from bedroom to bedroom and indulging in carnal delights. But when Cassandra invites him into her dreams and her life, Anteros finds himself becoming very possessive of her.

As Cassandra and Anteros enjoy bed sport, a new idea pops into her head. Why not start her own porn film company? With the god's help, she will find the perfect place for filming. But while investigating her new property, Cassandra stumbles upon an ancient mirror that contains a secret about Anteros and may destroy their growing love for each other, as well as the god himself.

Ms. Bruening knows how to keep a reader entertained within the story. This novel had everything a great book can have. There was danger, lust, time-travel, and much more wrapped into this wonderful romance. I found myself enthralled with the storyline from beginning to end. The author's words bring colors and the characters to life. A must read book for those who love erotic fantasy. Great read!

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