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ISBN#: 978-1-60142-013-8
May 2008
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Trade Paperback
352 Pages
Romantic Suspense/Inspirational
Rating: 3 Cups

Libby is an antiques dealer with a thirteen year old daughter. Her Aunt Stella stipulated in her will that she and her twin sister must live in Stella’s home for six months to claim their inheritance. Living with Tori will not be easy.

Drew is a professor and expert on Ben Franklin. He and his daughter are living in Philadelphia so that he can conduct research. He is divorced from a very unstable woman.

Stella’s will has brought Libby and Tori back together. Tori is still the manipulative, selfish, and beautiful girl she has always been, but Libby is a much stronger person than she used to be. Tori’s schemes to make her sister’s life miserable take a back seat to the body found on the front steps and the threatening letters sent to Tori. Libby and her neighbor Drew band together to protect each other and their daughters from the influences of Tori and Drew’s ex-wife Ruth.

This story has some very good and suspenseful moments and I loved reading about the growing relationship between Drew and Libby. I really liked the elderly neighbors also. Tori is another matter. I really disliked her character from the beginning; she seems to like to create chaos just to be mean and really did not improve much even at the end of the book. Ruth is another chaotic and selfish character among a large cast of them in this book. I did like the characters of the two girls; realistic and not too sweet or too bratty. The suspenseful parts of the book were well written and the characters very well described. The crossword puzzle threats were clever. The box of stolen jewelry was a bit of a loose end. It was never explained where they were stolen from or what happened to them after they were stolen from Libby. Sometimes the religious references did not blend in with the story line and were somewhat jarring. Overall it was an entertaining read.

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