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ISBN# 0-06-112963-1
November 2006
Avon Books
10 E 53rd St., NY, NY 10022-5299
Mass Market Paperback
372 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Lady Louisa Wentworth may be the daughter of an Earl but without a dowry, she will never find a husband. She decides that she will make her own way in life. She is tired of scrimping, saving, and wearing old clothes when her brother’s mistress leads a better life. As a chaperone for a rich American family, she will gain independence and retain her reputation.

Hawk, otherwise known as the Duke of Hawkhurst, has to find a rich wife in order to pay his debts and comfortably support his mother and his half sister Caroline. Louisa is his best friend’s sister and unfortunately she knows all too much about the rakish Duke.

An impoverished noblewoman makes a career for herself as a chaperone for two rich American misses, Kate and Jenny Rose. Their mother wants no less than a duke for each of them. Louisa knows a duke, a dangerously attractive one that she is in danger of falling in love with herself!

Louisa Wentworth is a strong character who takes the initiative and makes her own way in life. She is not willing to remain an impoverished unmarried spinster while her brother enjoys bringing them further and further into debt. Hawk must save his family somehow and the only way he can see is to marry one of the fabulously wealthy Rose sisters. The author has created a couple here with so much chemistry that there is no doubt that they will end up together. The Rose sisters are a lively and colorful pair and I look forward to seeing more of them and their brother Jeremy. This story is a joy to read and is told with humor as well as drama. I cannot wait to read more about these characters; I feel as if I know them already.

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