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August 6, 2008
The Wild Rose Press
59 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Diamonique is alone and tired of her immortality. She still remembers fondly the moment Cain turned her. She had willingly given her innocence and her life to him for an eternity. She will never forgive him for betraying her. She had loved him, and she still did.

Cain knows Diamonique is not going to forgive him easily, but forgiven or not, he must keep her safe. His enemies have found her; she may hate him now, but he will always love her. The only way to keep her safe is to stay with her whether she likes the idea or not.

Cain knows that Rafael will use Diamonique to hurt him. As leader of the Dark Dominion and Cain’s creator, Rafael hates him even more than Diamonique does. The only way to keep her safe is to destroy Rafael, but is Cain vampire enough to do it?

This is a compact little story that manages to give all the background information needed for a meaningful story, as well as show the love and bond between Cain and Diamonique. This is a sweet love story that is more about trust, as they have been in love with each other for a very long time. It is amazing to watch how these two learn how deep their love is, and how far they will go to protect each other. Ms. Rainey has written an amazing story that shows even with love you have to make your man work to stay part of your life. I hope she keeps him on his toes so they can have a happy eternity together.

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