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ISBN#: Unavailable
October 2008
Lyrical Press
168 Pages
Erotic Romance/Vampire
Rating: 4 Cups

Nicole Bernard is the shy conservative type. When she goes to Starbucks for coffee, she is intrigued when a dark handsome man, with a sinfully sexy voice, speaks to her.

James Henrick feels something stir inside him when he meets the young lady at Starbucks. Even though she appears reserved and shy, he wants to know her better.

Joseph Oliver is a vampire like James. After Joseph meets Nicole, his desire for her quickens.

James will do anything to locate Nicole. Joseph insists James is only being a romantic. After meeting the man in Starbucks, Nicole has a hot erotic dream. When her co-workers throw her a going away party, Nicole meets her dream man. James made a special point to track down Nicole. When he and Joseph arrive, so do two Templar Knights, and mythical police, Sir Adrian and Sir Liam, who intend on interrupting James’ plans. The two Templars have placed James and Joseph at the top of the vampire watch but after Nicole learns all their secrets who will she choose to accept in her life?

I like the on-the-edge intrigue that A Darker Trinity brings with the men, especially in the club doing their search. Candice Gilmer paints James indeed a mesmerizing person that reaches out and consumes the reader. He is so yummy, his eyes, his voice, indeed sexy as all get out. This reader could feel the chemistry, the desire, the romance, not only with James, but Joseph, and his bond with Nicole. The secondary characters are sketched in a way that everything just sweeps off the pages, and blankets the reader into the love and passion. I can tell Ms. Gilmer put her whole heart into this unique story. The tale sizzles with some exciting moments that leave the reader breathless for more.

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