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ISBN# (10) 0061231312/(13) 978-0061231315
January 23, 2007
William Morrow/Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022
144 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Acolytes, not many people may know or understand that the word alone can often serve as a helper that is so frequently used in dispensation of rites and ceremonials. Often the use of poetry and verse perform a purpose as a beginning or an introduction. It can be there to salute those of courage, or to even commemorate those that have struggled to ensure freedom for all. They have a way of keeping one grounded to current events, while reflecting and expressing so much throughout the years. Acolytes fashion a language of love, friendship and existence while battling the odds.

The lines of verse, the poetic song of words, stands to reach out and touch the inner heart straight to the soul. It resounds with such loud rhythmical praise that the flow of words is like a calm moving brook that makes one feel complete peace. Thus are the words that Ms. Giovanni pens in her elaborate works for all to feel. She takes prescribed amounts of prose and stirs in the right ingredient to create heart-tugging empathy that never disappoints. With a surge of flowing motivation, works of art come to life.

Acolytes is a book that shows those who imparted their talents and heart for a cause they supported. From many varieties that carry literature, sports, music and many others, with names such as the great Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, The Isley Brothers and many more, Ms. Giovanni shares the spotlight with others as she touches upon memoirs with numerous friends, family and loved ones that impacted her life in one way or another. I was touched by the way she mentioned her mother and the delicious foods she prepared and how she had influenced her life, not to mention the love and respect for her librarian, Mrs. Long. From contributors all over, this wide range of poetic inspiration is very uplifting in every page.

Nikki Giovanni remarkably creates some great inspirational moments from countless number of poets that have left an impression on her life, as well as granted her with books and awards that show a strong voice with the Black Arts Movement and is displayed in Acolytes. She wanted to make a difference, especially during the civil rights movement. With over eighty poetic verses in her book, she reaches out to the female, and a wide range of spectators, allowing the heart and mind to open to a new experience while triggering a miraculous beat to the soul. I think my favorite was I Am in Mexico, along with the tempting recipes she graciously gives to her readers and pleasurable encounters that make the reader feel as if they have come home to arms open with a bonding love.

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