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ISBN# 1-55598-683-3
November 2007
Samhain Publishing, Ltd
348 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating 4 Cups

Orlando is looking for a companion for his disabled sister, Perdita, and is intrigued by the forthright Ms. Lambert. He knows she is wearing a disguise but does not know she is actually Violetta Palagio. Orlando has worked hard to rebuild his family’s finances and standing, but feels Ms. Lambert is a good choice for Perdita.

Violetta wants to help her Godmother’s daughter, Perdita, who was injured in an accident. She knows though that she can not do this as Violetta, who is also the daughter of England’s most infamous courtesan. Soon though, she can not stop her feelings for Orlando.

Orlando’s interest is sparked and Violetta’s caring for Orlando is palpable but must be weighed against the society in which they exist. Will they be able to face the world without scandal, or must they separate for the good of their families?

In A Chance to Dream, the storyline moved well with the mystery, love, and a wonderful adventure. Other than an auction scene that was utterly superfluous I enjoyed every scene of the book. Orlando is a great hero and one of my new favorites! While definitely “alpha” he has a wonderful sense of self and is extremely sexy. Violetta is amazingly centered, but saved from being a caricature with enough doubts to make her a great historical romance heroine. I love her! The sex between Violetta and Orlando is excellent, and in one scene they say it perfectly “This is how it should be.” The background characters including the villains are all wonderful inputs to the book. Their ability to overcome the obstacles around them is written perfectly and I can not wait to read more from Ms. Connolly. This book is definitely a keeper.

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