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ISBN# (10)0-7783-2591-1/(13)978-0-7783-2591-8
October 2008
MIRA Books
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3BK9
288 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Mary Jo Wyse quickly learned after she found out she was pregnant, she could not depend on the father. David Rhodes ended up changing his cell phone number and was nowhere to be found.

Mark McAfee is a firefighter and EMT. After Mary Jo feels a bit faint, he is the one to arrive to check on her condition. He is happy to make her acquaintance.

Mary Jo was there to take care of her three brothers after their parent’s death. Now it seems they only want to tell her how she should live. Linc, Mel, and Ned, Mary Jo’s brothers, are not happy David dumped their sister. When they learn his family lives in Cedar Cove they decide to track him down. Perhaps he is going home for Christmas. Deciding to arrive before her brothers, Mary Jo leaves for Cedar Cove. She wants to at least inform David’s parents they will be grandparents. Her good friend, Grace Harding lives there so this will give them time to catch up on old times and present ones. Grace is glad to see Mary Jo but hates to hear how David treated her. Even the town is not pleased with David’s actions. While the brothers make their way to Cedar Cove, Mary Jo experiences some faintness that brings EMT Mark to her rescue. The two seem to find a way of bonding that makes Mary Jo believe there just might be hope this holiday. If Mark has his way, he will certainly try to make it happen.

A Cedar Cove Christmas certainly allows the audience to visualize the town as if they had stepped into the center of the whole Christmas scene. The magical, and festival events of Christmas sparkle in this charming read. Mary Jo is a lovely character that warms up to the reader. I wanted to share in her plight and just reach out and take her into my home. I thought it was recommendable how her brothers sought to care for her. Debbie Macomber creates vibrant characters and a town of family and friends who act like a warm security blanket. She crafts stories with determined women, and hospitalities that are never-ending.

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