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  Outlander Series
  Book 1- Outlander/Cross Stitch
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  Book 3 - Voyager
  Book 4 - Drums of Autumn
  Book 5 - The Fiery Cross
  Book 6 - A Breath of Snow and Ashes
  Book 7 - An Echo in the Bone

ISBN# 978-0-385-34039-7
September 2006
The Bantam Dell Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
992 Pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Claire Fraser is a thoroughly modern medical doctor who chooses to live with the love of her life, Jamie, and her daughter, Brianna, in the eighteenth century wilderness that will become America. Knowing what is about to occur makes life interesting, and trying to explain away knowledge that would be considered witchcraft is often dicey. Living on Fraser’s Ridge amongst the Scottish settlers takes much patience and persistence, but she manages to patch together a practice that uses her medical training to her advantage. Faced with the choice of staying, or going back, Claire has chosen to stay and make a life with her family and friends. Will circumstances make her change her mind?

James “Jamie” Fraser is responsible for his family and the settlers of Fraser’s Ridge. Having been a laird in the highlands of Scotland in his time, he is well aware of his place on the ridge, and the duties that are involved. When the fledgling government sends an emissary to gauge the political climate among the settlements, he is asked to become an agent or representative for the government and to create alliances with the Cherokee Indians. Knowing what the future holds makes this position particularly hard, and he dreads the day his loyalties will have to be declared. He consults his wife, Claire, often about the possibility of using the stones to go back, but they are torn between the life they have made in this time, and the possible life that could be in her time. All the while, the threat of war looms ever nearer.

History has already determined the future of America but the future of certain individuals is still to be established. The Indians will be displaced, and the Trail of Tears will result in many fatalities but could Jamie’s warning of things to come stop certain tribal members from going? The influence of the Fraser family on America’s history is but a guess, but what if?

Ms. Diana Gabaldon has written an epic full of history interlaced with conjecture. It is fun to pose the question; what if things had been different or if decisions had been decided differently? I quickly became engrossed in the love story between Claire and Jamie, their family creating strong bonds that time could not break. This tome will delight all of the readers of historical romance and I highly recommend it. Ms. Gabaldon’s use of factual accounts and fictional occurrences makes for an all-encompassing read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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