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ISBN# (10)0373692676/(13)9780373692675
July 2007
Harlequin Intrigue
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3BK9
250 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 cups

Chase Vickers has stared down danger many times in his missions, never knowing fear. After a blackout hits Boston, the first time fear strikes Chase is when his only love is targeted.

Lily Garrett, an ER nurse, never liked the secret dangerous life Chase led. It is not a life for her or a baby. After her life becomes endangered, Chase comes to her rescue.

After four years in Special Forces and numerous missions for Eclipse, Chase knew to take threats seriously. He dodged much in his missions, making enemies in the long run. Now he learns he could lose what matters most. Lily was the only woman in his life, he ever loved. Unfortunately he walked out of her life never expecting any harm to come her way. She never understood his line of work, always considering it too dangerous. At seven and a half months pregnant, Lily’s stamina is a bit rundown now. Forgetting Chase was not easy. He was the type of man a woman never forgot. She hated his dare-devil adrenaline. She did not wish to be with someone that she could lose the next minute. It was the right choice to walk away. As a single mother she can give the child stability, something Chase knew nothing about. After she is fired upon at the hospital, Chase arrives to protect her. Lily is used as a target and Chase has to find out whom and why. She is one woman he will watch over to his last breath. Lily promised herself not to let Chase know his child, now it appears everything is suddenly changing for both of them.

Linda Castillo has written a suspenseful story that keeps the reader mesmerized until the conclusion. I could share in Chase’s emotions when he thought he might not see Lily or his unborn child. Chase is compassionate and caring. The reader can almost feel the sensations in his heart for Lily. I found Lily like most women who are afraid to hold on to love then possibly feel it fade the next minute. She exhibits true feelings. Gripping, with a villain that will stop at nothing to finish what is started, A Baby Before Dawn takes the reader on an action-paced adventure in this page-turner that will be hard to forget.

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