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ISBN: 1-4208-5123-3
May 26, 2005
Author House
481 pages
Contemporary Christian Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Dana has waited five years to settle down with her boyfriend, Eddie. One night when he comes in the restaurant to meet her, she is surprised when he receives a phone call from another girl. He has been seeing someone else on the side. When he tells Dana he wants to marry this new girl, she is crushed. What happened to their five years of dating? Did it not mean anything to him? Is she ready to say goodbye to love, or will she allow her heart to open up to love once more?

Handsome Mitch Tarrington is taken in by Dana’s beauty the moment he sets eyes on her. He wonders if she will ever take interest in someone like him. The harder he tries to get her attention, the more it seems she denies any attraction. However, fate is on his side and has other ideas for the couple. Soon they are headed for the altar but will that green-eyed monster step into the picture once more for Dana and have her calling off the wedding? Mitch only hopes that he can stop the misunderstanding.

This book is the first in a series of ‘Forever Love’ by Debbie Alferio. The first book takes you on a journey with Dana and Mitchell up to their wedding. It leaves you wondering what their future has in store for them before they embark on their honeymoon.  

Ms. Alferio writes a romantic story of love. She takes the reader into the story, making it realistic with touching scenes and family matters. She shares their joys and sorrows. I can hardly wait to see where the second story will take us and what will happen with Dana and Mitchell. Ms. Alferio paints a lovely story of a family that is genuine.

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