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ISBN#: 978-0-373-79547-5
June 2010
Harlequin Blaze
217 Pages
Blaze Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tying the Knot

It may have been Leo’s idea to put a surprise wedding together for their best friends Bianca and Coop, but he has an ulterior motive that has been ten years in the making.

She cannot fault Leo’s logic in giving their friends the wedding of their dreams, but Jessie Martinez is not so sure she can put up with him long enough to see it happen.

Breaking Jessie’s heart was the dumbest and most hurtful thing Leo has ever done, and he prays that after all of this time she can finally forgive him. Their job for the wedding is getting the honeymoon destination ready, and Leo has laid intricate plans to win Jessie back in the process. Too bad he has no idea that Jessie has plans of her own.

Turning the tables does more than rock the boat for Jessie and Leo, and when the storm hits, be ready to hold on tight. The passion these two create is enough to capsize anyone’s heart.

Take This Man

With an ex-husband and two young sons, the last thing Annie can imagine is some hot young stud checking her out, especially her little brother’s best friend.

Taking Annie to New York to pick out Bianca’s wedding trousseau is the perfect chance for Drew to convince her that he is completely sincere in his attraction for her, and he does not plan on wasting a minute.

At one time Annie was a renowned photojournalist, but those days are long gone and nearly forgotten. Unfortunately, her libido is still alive and kicking, and Drew has a way of cranking it into high gear with nothing more than a smile. Drew has every intention of showing Annie just how much he wants not only her, but everything she can bring to a relationship.

There is nothing sexier than a man who knows what he wants, and can make it happen. And despite the age difference you can really feel how Drew cares for Annie in every way that counts.

Bedded Bliss

It really stinks to get dumped, but Mallory Tedesco has finally decided that she is done hiding out, and helping Ajay is the first step in getting her life back.

As Coop’s boss, Ajay Singh has sent the man around the world on business, and he himself is no stranger to the jet-setting lifestyle, so procuring the entertainment for the wedding should be no problem.

The perfect singer for the perfect couple should not be too difficult for two people as successful and well traveled as Mallory and Ajay, but Mallory has something a little more personal to accomplish as well. Ajay has always been an admirer of Mallory’s, but as Bianca’s boss and mutual client, he has kept to a hands-off approach. However, this time Mallory is taking the lead, and Ajay’s well touted playboy reputation may be coming to an abrupt halt.

The old adage of never say never holds true for Mallory and Ajay, and you are right there with them when the walls come crashing down.

I cannot imagine a couple luckier in love--not only with each other, but with their friends--than Coop and Bianca. These couples go out of their way to incite a riot of passion for themselves and for the reader. With over the top romance in the most opulent and decadent manner, there is nothing left to chance. You only have to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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