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This is HcHarju's 2013 Book of the Year!

ISBN# 9781622669608
January 2013
Entangled Publishing
264 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Sophie is a red hot mess. She has loved her best friend, Sam, for quite a while, but she is afraid to tell him. Just when she thinks she has the courage to do so, he tells her he has found the girl of his dreams. To Sophie, nothing could hurt worse than imagining she missed her chance with Sam. Now things are awkward between them, and she makes mistake after mistake as another terrible February drags on. In order to gain control of her life, she will need to make some decisions about where she is going and what she wants to do.

Sam has always been there for Sophie. He has also been her biggest supporter through all of her ups and downs. He knows her better than anyone and cares for her no matter how crazy she acts. He hates to see her so lost but does not know how to help her find herself again. And he would do almost anything to see her happy.

February has always been a bad month for her, but this time she plans to make it good. Unfortunately, it seems that fate has other plans. After receiving an unsettling message from Sam, she ends up in the hospital with a broken arm. As her life continues to spin out of control, it seems everyone she cares about is living life and making changes for the good, while she is still just as unhappy and alone as she has always been. Something has to change, or she may get stuck in tedium and misery. Mostly, she fears she will be forgotten and left behind.

This is a sweet, touching and funny story. The reasons Sophie hates February and Valentine’s Day in particular are so much deeper and sadder than the reader first assumes. It is not simply because that day is sappy and sentimental. There are more heart-wrenching and long-standing reasons to hate that date. Then to make matters worse, she harbors strong feelings for a man she feels is beyond her reach. Her best friend, who is now dating an absolutely “perfect” girl. I have to admit I dislike the perfect Megan almost as much as Sophie. The dynamics of her familial relationships is unique and real. Throughout the story, many characters change and blossom, forcing Sophie to face her demons and make changes in her own life. This is not only a story about unrequited love, but also about finding the courage to let things go and move forward. Ms. Manohan delivers an emotional roller-coaster with well-written, realistic, entertaining characters, interspersed with a comedic storyline that keeps the fun rolling throughout the book.

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