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ISBN# 9780557758814/9781935841494
April 2011
Self Published
276 Pages
Non-fiction, Memoirs, Music
Rating: 3 Cups

Sometime escaping is the only way to live your dreams. Bill See discovered this first hand when his band, Divine Weeks, started their first national tour. Finding their way in the crazy world of rock and roll in the late eighties was the dream of the century. Bill must overcome personal hang-ups and long-lost memories to find his path to salvation.

Raj has lived his whole life trying not to be noticed. When discrimination is a fact of life, you tend to hunker down, not draw attention and circle the wagons. Divine Weeks is the only outlet this traditional Indian boy has. Thirty-three days away from his family could make or break his future.

The first national tour of Divine Weeks lasted thirty-three days but changed lives. When five young men begin what they hope is their journey to stardom, what they find instead is the path to self-discovery; a life changing experience that redefines their lives and sets them on their path to acceptance.

The personal diary of Bill See as Divine Weeks piles into a van to travel cross country on their first national tour is an inside look into what was happening in the world of rock and roll in the late eighties. Through the turmoil, emotional upheaval, long hours of travel and not knowing where the meals and beds will be coming from, this is a tale of fulfilling dreams and self-discovery; an up and down journey between childhood memories and dreams of success on their own terms.

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