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ISBN#: Unavailable
September 2010
242 Pages
gay love and friendship, hot m/m, murder mystery, corporate scam
Rating: 4 Cups

Justin is a lonely gay man wishing for partnership when a chance ride on an elevator changes his life forever.

Rick works with computer software and security systems and is just as lonely as Justin.

An elevator trip becomes something even more when Justin spies the man of his dreams. Having been on his own for a while, it does not take much to get Justin excited, and a sexy man riding on the elevator with him will work just fine. When it becomes apparent that Rick feels the same, things go from hot to hotter in a full elevator. The two go back to Rick’s apartment and go at it like jack rabbits, but this is more than just a random sexual encounter for them, it is love at first sight. While the two spend time getting acquainted and falling deeper in love with each other, Rick’s work intrudes in the form of a company who is using Rick’s computer software. It becomes clear that someone is sabotaging the client and possibly from the inside, but why? While Rick and Justin try to figure it all out, along the way they hook up a few new and old friends also looking for love and permanent relationships rather than a quick hook up. However, as the pair tries to figure out who is sabotaging Rick’s client, and trying to make Rick look bad, they come across some very disturbing information that points to murder. Will Rick and Justin be able to stop the bad guys before they or their friends are harmed? Will Justin and Rick be able to savor their new found love, as well as, the love their friends have found? Or will a killer outwit them all?

33 A Gay Love Story is a well-written, emotion-laden, suspenseful story that I highly recommend you read. Even if you think gay romance is not your thing, you will want to check this one out. I really enjoyed the different environments to be found in this book. Even though I have never been to Australia, I could easily picture the locations mentioned. The scenes with the aborigines in particular were some of my favorites. The language in the book makes it very easy to “hear” the way the characters talk and sound, and I really liked the flavor of the language and the way it was written. While some might think the whole idea of love at first sight and two gay men having a relationship based on fidelity and love is not realistic, this book shows that it is in fact very realistic. It shows that the idea of gay men all being “hound dogs” when it comes to sex and relationships is merely a stereotype. Ultimately, it is the love between both Justin and Rick, as well as their love for their friends that makes this story work. I for one am really looking forward to J.J. South’s next book. Trust me, you want to put this book on your “to be read ASAP list.”

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