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ISBN: 1-59596-298-0
December 2005
Changeling Press LLC
Pages: Unavailable
Paranormal Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Rick Harrison is a veteran of war.  He has seen his share of death and has nightmares about his tour of duty.  Now he is home alone with nightmares and that is exactly the way he wants it.  At least, it is until Lezza shows up in the middle of a snow storm.

Lezza is here for one reason only, to bring Rick back to the land of the living. He deserves a happy life, but if he keeps to himself too long, he will slowly die inside himself. Could Lezza possibly help this lonely warrior see he still has a lot to live for?

As Lezza does her magic, Rick cannot believe some of the things Lezza is saying.  But what is real strange is that Rick is starting to feel better about life. But is it just the fact that he is in the company of a beautiful woman?  And how will he feel when Lezza finally leaves?

This is a beautiful Christmas romance.  Ms. Gaines creates a tortured soldier with plenty of bad memories, and offers him the gift of life and love. Romantic and heartwarming, this story is filled with miracles and joy and plenty of hot steamy sex which makes this a perfect read for the season.

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