Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781609823054
March 2010
eXcessica Publishing
191 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

The minute the words come out of her mouth, Valerie Jordan knows she is sunk. Now she has two weeks to find the perfect man, dimples included, and impress the heck out of her classmates, her ex, and her mother.

“Look before you leap” should be stamped on Noah Kittler’s forehead, but he probably would still not heed the warning. With his divorce papers still drying, Noah can barely believe he is hitting the dating scene, but this time he will keep his heart out of the equation.

Val feels like a fool trying out this speed dating thing, but she cannot think of any better way to meet a lot of men in a short amount of time, and find one who will go along with her plan. Fortunately for her, Noah fits the bill perfectly. Now she just has to convince him to partake in her little business arrangement. Noah wants Val more than he is willing to let on, but his latest disastrous mistake is coming back to drop a bomb in his lap. As with Noah, Val has never had a relationship that did not end in lies, pain, and betrayal, but this time she is terrified that more than just her pride is going to be crushed.

Whew! Val and Noah have their work cut out for them, with a meddlesome mother, crazy exes, and more lies to navigate around than a minefield. Val may be an adult, running her own business, but she still has such poor self-esteem that she takes her mother’s interference with little objection. Noah makes his own mistakes as well, but as a couple they are endearingly dysfunctional. This cast of characters is like the wacky relatives that nobody wants to admit they have, but we love them nonetheless.

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